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In today's wireless era, more and more businesses tend to exploit the benefits of internet and mobile phones and actually most businesses just can't survive without these. Mobile communication has revolutionized the way you connect to anyone, anywhere at anytime so as to handle business relationships with your customers. SMS or Short Message Service provides innumerable advantages including ease of use, speed, worldwide access, cost effectiveness and its adaptability for use in various sections of the business. At Web InfoTech India we provide exceptional quality SMS solutions to cater your diverse business needs, to generate revenue and increase brand awareness.

We serve small, large and medium sized businesses with our Web Enabled SMS Service, Bulk SMS, Business SMS, Enterprise Messaging, Alert messaging, group messaging, SMS Solution, Short Code SMS Services, Long Code SMS Services, SMS Marketing, SMS Planning, SMS API, schedule messaging facilities and related SMS solutions and services. PC to mobile communication involving SMS messaging is a fast, easy and effective way for communication with staff and clients used in marketing and advertising, Real Estate, surveys, voting, customer service banking, financial services, Hospitals, Recruitment companies etc.

Reseller(Multilevel Reselling) We provide best SMS services at cheapest rates. Clients can save more money by opting for bulk SMS packages which decrease the cost per SMS. We don't charge any extra monthly or setup charges. With us you enjoy best SMS solutions and unique services without any inconvenience. You can choose among our wide range of SMS packages starting from 1000SMS plan to 100000SMS plan. With Web InfoTech India you can even become a smart SMS reseller who makes quick money. You can procure message units from our company at cheap rates and then start reselling them to your customers in small batches at whatever price you want.

To assist you, we even offer backend services that you need to be successful in selling the SMS. So, if you are starting your own SMS business or else you are searching for high priority SMS services, 100% delivery, real time delivery reports, high reliability and that too at competitive rates, go ahead and contact us!!

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SMS API / Shortcode

Welcome to the SMS Lane Developer Section. Specially brought to you by our technical team. This section will provide you everything you need to develop your own SMS application or integration of SMS push service in your existing CRM, Web or Desktop application with the help of SMS Lane API The developer API kit is not only easy but works too. If your website is travel based then this kit will prove to be very useful
Delivery Report API
Send SMS API for Multiple Recipient
Balance Check API
Send SMS API for Single Recipient

56767167 This Is Our Short Code World's best marketing tool is now available at your disposal. Get a keyword on Indian SMS Short code numbers to get connected with your customers any where any time. Incoming messages can be directly submitted to your database or you can also view the same from our website.Message Sender Mobile Phone Number along with additionaly configurable Optional fields like SHORTCODE, Operator, Area Code, Service Code etc.. Thus we could easily integrate our website data to this Messaging using any of our Web Scripting/ Programming languages like ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP etc. SMSForwarding (Optional)

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Bulk Sms

Bulk SMS service is a wireless messaging service worldwide. It caters individually or corporate as well. Many value added services are also there such as customization and integration. This service offers various SMS services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals, focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. Additionally the company is a provider of SMS marketing products, wireless communications, corporate SMS and other turnkey text messaging solutions.

The most useful feature of the Bulk SMS is that a single SMS can be forwarded to several users. You, as a sender, can decide the number of recipients. Minimum number of recipient is 1 and can be increased to a huge digit number also. Each and every user will be having a unique sender identification tag generated and the sender while sending Bulk SMS uses the same ID brand. Another important feature is the group functionality of the Bulk SMS. Many reputed companies are making use of Bulk SMS for promoting their product because of its low cost nature.

Bulk SMS saves more money than print media campaign and is estimated to save up to 30 % of the total amount spent for printed media campaigning. Bulk SMS is highly dependable as the network coverage is good for a huge network area. Other than for promotional campaigns, it is also used for purposes like intimations and instructions. Bulk SMS is used for sending a message to many mobile phone users instantly. Another biggest advantage of Bulk SMS is its low cost factor as mentioned earlier.

Text messaging solution(SMS) are available This service provide carrier-grade mobile messaging solutions, with the option of advance application integration to ensure a rapid, cost-effective time-to-market. Catering for all volumes of use, this offers real-time, secure, unlimited deployment of SMS delivery, utilizing innovative technology in both the outbound and inbound application.

There is wide range of immediate text messaging solutions (SMS) are available. No matter if it is a 1-to-1 Messaging, Individualized Desktop applications, Broadcasting SMS or just access to its SMS Gateway to send messages from your database, It has the ideal solution for all company needs. The wireless products are easily implemented by wireless carriers, or by businesses through its SMS Network. It has applications for improving most personal and enterprise mobility.

Bulk SMS servers will have a huge database containing mobile information of the recipients. SMS has gained popularity in the 21st century and the companies, seeing the popularity of SMS, use SMS for marketing their products. As business involves large target and mass campaigning, it is not an easier task and so they have thought of a marketing tool that can be used for campaigning about their products. Hence the new concept created is the Bulk SMS or Bulk Short Message Service. Bulk SMS is an exclusive type of system that an organization or an institution can be enabled for sending or receiving large number and volume of SMS or simply SMS in a bulk. The Bulk SMS follows a specific channel with particular bandwidth limitation. Bulk SMS senders can also receive delivery reports for the sent SMS.

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